Tatiana Baibabaeva is a designer based in New York City and Mallorca.

Her namesake ready-to-wear collection, launched in 2016, has renewed the traditional Mediterranean technique of knotting yarns into macramé, creating three-dimensional relief-like patterns with an intricacy of handmade detail in fine yarns that is impossible to recreate by machine. Baibabaeva combines traditional techniques with modern construction elements, such as elastics, resulting in garments that are form-fitting and allow for ease of movement. Each garment requires several weeks of hand weaving by an individual artisan. All work is made of natural cotton or silk yarns sourced from small factories in Italy and Japan. Baibabaeva’s made to order process offers a more personal touch and establishes a direct connection among customers, artisans, and the designer herself.

Baibabaeva offers a unique point of view in luxury fashion and embodies a way of life where New York City meets the Mediterranean.

Additionally, through her ceramics line, Terra Coll Clayworks, Baibabaeva and her husband, Tyson Strang, design and create a selection of fine ceramics accessible to all and handmade in NYC.

Prior to establishing her clothing line, she spent several seasons working with Anthony Vaccarello's team in Paris. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received the Critic’s Award for the best design in evening wear, selected by Carolina Herrera.

Baibabaeva’s work is founded on sustainability and ethics. For her it’s important that all work is made by hand to the highest artisanal standard, while using only natural materials, eliminating waste, and hiring and paying men and women fairly. She hopes to promote mindful consumption habits by offering designs that apply ancient techniques to modern living with a focus on longevity, unmatched quality, and beauty.

Profiled in Vogue.